Berryhill, Hoffman, Getsee and Demeola are proud to have been featured in numerous magazine articles. Below is a listing of their most recent articles:

June, 2017 — “BHGD Knows Your Worth” features Rebecca Lyles and the BHGD eminent domain team and how they provide expert help in preparing business damage claims for eminent domain takings.

December, 2016 — “Excellence Rises at BHGD” features BHGD’s most recent CPA, Michaele Pendarvis, and the attributes she brings to their stellar CPA team.

June, 2016 — “Holding You Accountable” details Michael DeMeola and the Firm’s involvement in the University of Florida’s Executive Practice Management Program™ for dentists.

April, 2015 — “Grand Slammed” presents the true story of how Michael DeMeola came to the rescue of one local orthodontist, resulting in the arrest and prosecution of his office manager.

February, 2014 — “We Value Your Business” contains valuable information on the group of professionals at BHGD that perform more than just accounting.

September, 2011 — “Litigation — The Value of Good Advice” highlights David Hoffman, the founding member of BHGD, and his litigation experience in the eminent domain field.