• When was your last fraud “check up”?

• Not fraud proof…Who pays the price?

• Is your business secure?

• Know the warning signs of fraud.

• Who has an all-access pass to your assets?



Why have a fraud “check up”?

Instituting a fraud prevention program in your business significantly lessens the opportunity for fraud to exist. It also reduces the cost and duration of fraud if one has already occurred.

Why use BHGD?

Our fraud & forensic team at Berryhill, Hoffman, Getsee & DeMeola, LLC are dedicated professionals with extensive experience in fraud detection, prevention and deterrence. We will come to your business and conduct an evaluation looking for any weaknesses in your system that would lend itself to fraud. Any weak spots are addressed and controls are then implemented. If fraudulent activity is detected, our qualified team is available to offer litigation support.



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